Christ Consciousness Publications Presents

In God's Own Words

The Book, The Teachings & Soul Connections

Revealing Truths we have pondered for generations... Books written for the Christ Light and Love within you. To remind you of who you are and to re-member you to the truth of your being...

The Book & The Teachings answer questions humans have had for millenniums, every book is a must read for the beginner to the most advanced spiritual teachers and seekers of Christ Consciousness (Teachings Jesus taught from the Christ Mind and His connection with God through the I AM Presence.)  

For anyone with an inquisitive mind who wants a really wonderful soul growth book to read, The Teachings & The Book are not to be missed. Anyone who is awakening, is awake, has ascended, is ascending or interested in who they are or finding their true purpose in life will enjoy these books. 

Nothing fear based, these are very loving, revealing and positive books...

Books that will help heal hearts, minds, bodies and souls, lift spirits, teach, help in our daily lives, give our world hope and assist in the awakening of God's Children.

In God's Own Words "The Book" is among the best self help spiritual growth books you could ask for. To begin your Life with the truth will help set life on a proper course.

Open your Heart, awaken and you will see...

Please go to the product page if you would like to order a book or eBook from Gumroad.  Click on the books to read more and choose a book or several if you feel you would enjoy reading them.

These Books are given with LOVE !!!!!!!!!  Each word spoken with Love from God to His Children... Jesus, The I AM Presence, and a surprise to most of you... originally was to me too.

Books that teach Christ Consciousness: messages, teachings and conversations with God, The I AM Presence, and Jesus Christ. These are the times of True Revelations- learning the Truth, revealing the Truth... and becoming who we truly are with God's Love present in our lives... Knowing and experiencing Communion with Him... opening the way to sharing thoughts/feelings with the awareness of His Presence in our daily lives, aware of  how well God knows us, enjoys us loving Him and conversing with Him and Loves us unconditionally...

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