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Laura's Conversations through the I AM Presence brings forth amazing Conversations with God, Jesus and Mother God.

All One within The Trinity of Love... 
Father/Son/Holy Spirit. 
Christ Consciousness is what Jesus taught from The Christ Mind.   A Way-shower and Teacher of Higher Consciousness... allowing everyone to know that we all are God's Children... and He is still teaching today, helping us, lifting us up, showing The Way of Christed Love/Light/Compassion Consciousness.

The Teachings of Christ Consciousness 
& In God's Own Words ~The Book~


Revealing Truths we have pondered for generations... Books written for the Christ Light and Love within you. To remind you of who you are and to re-member you to the truth of your being...

The Book & The Teachings answer questions humans have had for millenniums...  

Wonderful spiritual growth books: The Teachings & The Book are amazing! These are very loving, revealing and positive books...

Books that will help heal hearts, minds, bodies and souls, lift spirits, teach, help in our daily lives, give our world hope and assist in the awakening of Our Children.


  The Links or Products page work well to get access to these wonderful Books, plus you will also find several other publications like The Happy Soul & Soul Connections.  

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Spiritual Books Teaching Christ Consciousness