Christ Consciousness Publications is Inspired by God and was named by God... all of the Books are given by God, The Holy I Am Presence and Christ, written down by Laura Lynn Scholl after God asked her to write "The Book" down for humanity to reveal secrets hidden for thousands of years, some never revealed before. Books written to help prepare the way for awakening mankind.  The Book, The Teachings, and The Book Continues... teach how to bring in higher states of awareness and begin to heal lives on all levels. 

These books tell about us, about God, who we truly are, whence we came and will explain why we are experiencing as we are, and how to change that potential... 

How to teach your children to love themselves, know themselves, and be who they truly are. (The Teachings)

Christ Consciousness begins to reawaken within by reading the books and they naturally teach and remind us how to live it. When you are ready to re-member...

The Book shares how this world was created and some unknown history of mankind.

Hidden life secrets and information that could give you some wonderful ideas for a project. Understand true psychology, what could advance the medical field, science, teaching, parenting, transportation, agriculture, and what the Holy Grail really is... found in The Teachings

Why Jesus came to earth... and what is going on now...  

What forgiveness is, what happens when we sleep, when we die and why we leave and why we come here. What God's vision is for our children, why we wage wars, what sin is, how to make restitution.

What God's Will is, what free will is and how it has affected us. 

How He can live among us and why most of us don't feel him or hear him right now and how some do and know it!

How old God is, how old we are, how we were created and where creation is and how it comes about, where heaven is and so much more... you will be amazed and be inspired... knowing how to live at peace with the world around you in The Book.

There are many more books to come... I know God mentioned He would give us a book on children, teaching and parenting them and also on re-parenting ourselves... I can't wait till the day I take out an empty journal and that book begins.

A lot more secrets revealed as The Book Continues which is almost finished, it is the best book ever!!! 

The Teachings has two more volumes to be written with more answers for inquiring minds that will inform and teach so much more...   read the first one available now!  This will be among the best books you ever have read...

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