About Us:  Ascension is a shift in Awareness... Being at a higher state of Consciousness than before.   

These books are often called the ascension books- They speak volumes in an easy to read and understanding way that reveals what God would like for us to remember.  

Christ Consciousness begins to reawaken within many, sometimes before reading these books and some by reading the books. The books naturally teach and remind us how to live it.  For me it is a Re-Membering every time I read within these books... especially The Book Continues coming soon...  They help you to awaken or stay awake in a world filled with people not yet remembering who they are... or why they are here... remembering how much more amazing life can be!

The Book shares how this world was created and some unknown history of mankind, answering a lot of questions many of us have pondered. 

Hidden life secrets and information that could give you some wonderful ideas for a project. Understand true psychology, what could advance the medical field, science, teaching, parenting, transportation, agriculture, and what the Holy Grail really is... found in The Teachings and how it may be obtained is revealed.

I can tell you God is amazing... gentle, patient, loving, and knows more than anyone else I ever met here, there or anywhere!!!  

A lot more secrets revealed as The Book Continues which is almost finished, it is the best book ever!!! 

The Teachings has two more volumes to be written with more answers for inquiring minds that will inform and teach so much more...  

Please share these books with mankind and help support the awakening of consciousness here on Earth... so many questioning themselves and their experiences... Christ Consciousness is the Goal to freedom and having truthful awareness... raising Consciousness is the Answer...  most of us have been taught a false doctrine, though some has helped us to grow and maintain better lives... it has not given us true guidance or let us know how wondrous and Loved by our True Creator... that we truly are!!!

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