Esoteric Healing Certified Practitioner - Energetic and Holistic Complimentary Therapy for 2019    

Esoteric Healing= That which has been hidden from sight is now being revealed, returning to wholeness.  

15 years experience- Certified for 7 years

Autism Spectrum Ages 2-7 is a focus for 2019-2025. I would love to be able to help more of these children and their parents. (New! 5-7 session protocol available ) Best to have follow up Check up every 5-6 months for 1-2 years. 

A Vibrant Healthy System that has been proven to work with so many!  

1-3 Sessions

Improving how a body feels, and functions... 

1-3 Sessions

Email Laura at: to schedule an appointment  

Available to work with other Therapists who feel I may be able to help with one of their clients.  Nutritionists, Doctors & Therapists. 

Any Distance Available-      Leave a message through email at

Laura Lynn CPEH